An ongoing story.

As long as I can remember my interests have stretched far and wide, always expanding as I’ve encountered new subjects, people and places. This is by no means unique. Neither is being told that you have to limit yourself and focus on one area of expertise if you want to “get anywhere in life”. But I’ve never fully believed or accepted that.

I’ve studied linguistics, logic, philosophy, film, natural science, web design, programming and interaction design. I started working as a UX designer only to move on to product management, account management, business strategy and company management, all within a couple of years. While I lived and learned I still couldn’t seem to find something that stuck. Something I truly loved, the way I love reading, writing, photography, cooking and cats. 🐈

Realizing that I pretty much sucked at being the “T-shaped” worker all companies know and love, while also craving more freedom and control over my time, I decided to quit my day job.

Running my own business allows me to choose projects I love and offer my clients the services they need and that have a direct impact. With a primary focus on communication platforms for small companies, I help out with business and communications strategy, design and construction of websites, copy, logos and graphic design. Being flexible, working together and doing what counts is my philosophy.

Write me a line if you think this one woman show is something for you!